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Melpomene Music Group (MMG), Atlanta based BMI music publisher, is the parent company of Melpomene Music Publications and Melpomene Records, and is focused on developing, publishing and promoting original musical works, primarily and especially (though not exclusively) works of music drama.


Melpomene Music Publications is the print publisher of musical scores and other print publications related to Melpomene projects.


Melpomene Records is MMG's sound studio division, producing music audio and other recordings related to Melpomene projects.


Through the development process, each of Melpomene's acquisitions (Projects), generates print projects first, and may only graduate projects for audio production later. Print projects include any printed work, such as lyrics/libretti, adaptation manifests, research, sheet music, cover art, marketing materials, etc.  Audio projects may include music and/or speech and other audio, for all usefull purposes beyond a recorded performance of Melpomene works, such as audition materials, role and chorus training, and audio marketing productions.


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Have you seen the Dangerous
Liaisons songbook lately?

This beautiful 2nd edition of the Official Selections songbook has revised notation and a smashing new look
10 selections from Dangerous Liaisons in authoritative piano/vocal arrangements, including solos and duets for all voice types



The Complete Original Concept recording of Dangerous Liaisons
includes the entire show on 3CDs,
plus 56 page booklet with complete libretto, color photos and more!

(Right Now ONLY $10.00 when you get the recording! Special offer.)

Are You the Missing Piece?

Are You the Missing Piece?
Seeking Special Librettist

Melpomene is opening its arms to potential librettist collaborators for one of its Projects in development. We are interested in those who are familiar with the operatic form, preferably also with some experience with setting drama. Special knowledge of the subject's origins and period (medieval Scandinavian folk literature) is a plus and helpful, though not necessary - you would be fully informed and armed as a collaborator. Our particular interest would lie in those talented librettists who also have a personal familiarity with the teachings of ancient spirituality, New Thought, Religeous Science, etc. If you would like to recommend someone, please drop us a note via the "Your Two Cents" page.

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