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TWO MINIATURES for solo piano

Two rare early piano miniatures both dating from the 1990's, here paired together in this special edition.


The Pheasant Chase: Originally bearing only the marking Alla Marcia, the title comes from another piano sketch for a similarly light, but unfinished work, the tempo marking being later revised to minim = 115.  Sketched on a bus while touring with his drum and bugle corps in 1991, this miniature is an early example of Caluori’s characteristic approach to thematic development and dislike of literal repetition.  Perhaps more accurately regarded as a technique of accompanimental variation, this approach typically preserves the theme itself, more or less, but upon each reappearance, presents it in a new guise, using varying harmonic, rhythmic and contrapuntal elements with which to redress it.

The Little Boy He Had Loved: From 1992, this piece was originally intended only as a single, undeveloped thematic sketch for a larger scale orchestral work after Oscar Wilde’s The Selfish Giant.  The sketch captures and depicts the composer’s expression of the Christ-like child who appears in the giant’s garden.  After considering several orchestral genres with which to treat the tale, Caluori came to the conclusion that it was ultimately this one element from the story, the boy, that ignited his inspiration, and that this music alone was sufficient to satisfy that inspiration.  Conceived pianistically as the autograph manuscript shows, the work now remains an unorchestrated miniature for solo piano.
Item #PSS-401

List price $5.95