Production Specifications: Dangerous Liaisons

Production Specs & Materials

While this page is awaiting construction, please find below a printable .pdf version of the complete production specifications as they appear in the production script.

click here to download file

The Spec Sheet linked above instructs reference to the score for vocal ranges of the principal roles and for instrumentation details. The vocal ranges for the seven principals are as follows:

Cécile - Soprano (soubrette)
Volanges - Soprano (dramatic)
Tourvel - Soprano (lyric)
Marquise - Mezzo-soprano (dramatic)
Rosemonde - Contralto
Dançeny - Tenor (lyric)
Valmont - Baritone (dramatic, to high G)

And the instrumentation of the full orchestral score is as follows:

Flute I (doubles on Alto Recorder I)
Flute II (doubles on Piccolo)
Oboe I, II
Clarinet I
Clarinet II (doubles on Alto Recorder II)
Horns I, II, III, IV
Timpani (two)
Percussion (Triangle, Cymbols, Suspended Cymbol,
               Snare drum, Bass Drum, Tam-tam, chime)
Celesta (sparingly, may be doubled or synthesized)
Organ (sparingly, may be doubled or synthesized)
Acoustic Guitar (sparingly, may be doubled or synthesized)
Violin I (solo, and div. a2)
Violin II (div. a2)
Viola (solo, and div. a2)
Violoncello (solo, and div. a2)
Contrabass (non div.)
On Stage: Harpsichord & Harp (music lesson scene)

While acoustic instruments are preferable in performance, electronic synthesis may be further employed beyond the above indications, depending on the practical peramaters of the production.

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